Commercial property insurance covers a wide range of risks and therefore provides a full insurance coverage of a company’s assets.

Our executives in cooperation with reputable insurance companies offer customized solutions for any business by producing an insurance risk study that perfectly meets your company’s own needs.


The stages of our assessment process include the following:


  • deep knowledge on assets including buildings, industrial systems, equipment and raw materials
  • impact analysis of the potential risks for determining insurance needs (based on these particular risks) to whom the different kind of businesses are exposed to
  • design of measures to avoid potential losses and liabilities
  • guidance on risk reduction process implementation throughout the operations of each business


The purpose of the above risk study and assessment process is for the company to be able to receive compensation for any damage that might occur on its insured assets and to recognize and promptly plan its needs on those that cannot be consistently covered such as:


  • normal or expected deterioration of assets
  • critical events leading to an insurance policy freeze such as war, revolution, state of siege, nuclear energy or fraudulent compensation claims


The most common commercial property insurance coverages relate to the following:

  • commercial and non-commercial property held as asset
  • mechanical damage
  • machinery
  • assembly
  • electronic equipment
  • loss of income

The most common risks covered also relate to the following:

  • fire
  • lightning
  • explosion
  • aircraft fall
  • natural phenomena
  • theft / damages from theft
  • earthquake
  • precipitation / landslide
  • negligence
  • lack of skill
  • human error
  • malicious action
  • faults
  • excessive voltage
  • centrifugal force
  • collapse
  • transport within the worksite
  • overtime, night work and emergency fare in case of damage
  • chemical explosion of endogenous origin
  • loss of tank contents
  • conveyors, chains, ropes, non-power cables
  • contractors liability
  • contractors’ employees liability
  • cross liability between insured parties
  • simple or extensive maintenance
  • incorrect design / planning / poor workmanship / defective materials
  • transportation
  • lack of air conditioning
  • losses on insured vehicles or machinery working underground


Πάρης Καβαρνός

Paris Kavarnos
Manager – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines


Foteini Kiriakopoulou
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support

Αριστοτέλης Τζιμούρτος

Aristotelis Tzimourtos
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support

26_SOFIA KOLLIA-genikoi

Sofia Kollia
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support