We live in a world in which the ongoing events of savagery and terror create tension, instability and the essence of constant threat. Meanwhile, in the globalized business environment, success depends on identifying and taking appropriate measures for the risks to which an entity is exposed to.

Asfalisi kata tromokratias

For Mega Brokers the first step in forming an appropriate insurance solution is the assessment for identification and management of the exposures of a company to political risk and the measurement of risk for violent events with primary being the risk of terrorism.

Through this assessment strong crisis event management strategies are built to protect people, their families and the assets of a company.

In cooperation with leading insurance companies we provide coverage for the following risk categories:

  • terrorism
  • sabotage
  • political violence including coup d’ etat, rebellion & war
  • riots
  • strikes
  • civil commotion
  • malicious damage



Πάρης Καβαρνός

Paris Kavarnos
Manager – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines


Foteini Kiriakopoulou
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support

Αριστοτέλης Τζιμούρτος

Aristotelis Tzimourtos
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support

26_SOFIA KOLLIA-genikoi

Sofia Kollia
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support