Public Private Partnerships

Public – Private Partnerships (PPP) is a form of procurement, frequently long-term, where the public sector procures from a private entity to perform works or/and provide services.

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The roles of the public and private sectors are mainly the following:

  • expertise and efficiency of the private sector is utilized while the public maintains a strong supervisory role
  • quality projects occur and high standard services to citizens are provided
  • consists an important tool to stimulate economic growth

The Public retains ownership of the assets and strong regulatory and supervisory role, while opportunities for such projects can be undergone even during difficult economic conditions.

Mega Brokers offers comprehensive insurance solutions for all PPP activity and provides consulting services for the design and delivery of insurance plans for the private sector participants.

In addition, Mega Brokers’ executives carry out complete assessments of risks and identify the most advantageous insurance solutions for partners participating in competitive public tenders on the provision of insurance plans to public sector companies.


Πάρης Καβαρνός

Paris Kavarnos
Manager – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines


Foteini Kiriakopoulou
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support

Αριστοτέλης Τζιμούρτος

Aristotelis Tzimourtos
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support

26_SOFIA KOLLIA-genikoi

Sofia Kollia
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support