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Our house is the largest investment in money, time and personal labor and simultaneously one of the most important things in our lives. That’s why we should plan long-term and make arrangements for the unexpected danger and possible damages.

Asfaleia katoikias

Household security relates to the repairs, replacement costs and additional living costs that could arise if unexpected natural causes occurred to our home, such as damage from fire, hail, lightning etc. Protection from theft is also an important coverage offered by household insurance contracts that can secure the contents of your home from potential dangers, including useful coverage proposals.

At Mega Brokers we recognize the importance and the need for protection and security of your home, whether you own it or you are a tenant and, for said reason we cooperate with the most reliable insurance companies. We offer complete household security plans, that respond to modern needs, at very competitive premiums, making insurance affordable for all.


Πάρης Καβαρνός

Paris Kavarnos
Manager – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines


Foteini Kiriakopoulou
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support

Αριστοτέλης Τζιμούρτος

Aristotelis Tzimourtos
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support

26_SOFIA KOLLIA-genikoi

Sofia Kollia
Officer – Property, Casualty & Commercial Lines Support