Board of Directors

Our 5-member board of directors is composed of individuals with proven work experience in the insurance market.

Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance has been structured to protect and implement:

  • Our vision
  • Our goals
  • Our values
  • Our Strategy

The Principles of our Corporate Governance are reflected in the Bylaws of Mega Brokers and the Policies, Procedures, Manuals and Management Circulars, which regulate the individual functions and processes.

Supreme body of the Company is the Shareholders General Meeting, which meets at least annually.

The company has adopted ethical rules in order to ensure smooth functioning, validity and credibility. The ethical rules are widely accepted and regularly communicated to executives, partners and customers.

The 5-member Board of Mega Brokers is the monitoring and decision-making body of the Company. It takes decisions and further actions based on the reports and updates received from each Division, Section, Unit and responsible Executive.